Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Frost Bike QBP

Damon, Tony, Tom, and myself made it up to the show in Minneapolis to check out what QBP had for new product this 2010 season. Damon and I had the "wow" tour of the QBP facility. Good food, cool product, nice people, and familiar faces in the Surly, Salsa, and Shimano booths made the trip worth while. Salsa has a new rack line that we will be stocking for you adventure cyclists out there. Surly is keeping strong and we are sooooper excited for the black LHT that will be available later this summer. We had Pugsley envy. Good show.

Schwalbe tires will be in-stock and ready to buy. We have a dealer agreement with Schwalbe this year. This will expand the line of tires that we can get from them. By going direct we can get whatever is under the sun, or rather what is in their catalog.

I think i got in the last ski today. Keller and I made it out to Pawnee lake and skied around. Pretty fun.

No pictures. Sorry.