Saturday, June 18, 2011

CLOSEOUT SPECIAL (High End Mountain Bikes)

Call Vine Location for availability 402.475.2453
'11 Trek HiFi Plus (17.5") MSRP $2199 Now $1950
'11 Trek Superfly 100 Elite (21") MSRP $6299 Now $4499
'11 Trek Sawyer (19") MSRP $1499 Now $1299
'11 Trek EX.5 (18.5") MSRP $1799 Now $1450

'10 Tomac Carbide XC1 (L) MSRP $6448 Now $3999
'10 Tomac Flint 29er (L) MSRP $2699 Now $2250
'11 Tomac Supermatic (L) MSRP $4899 Now $4750

'11 Giant XTC 29er Composite 0 (L) MSRP $3675 Now $3550
'11 Giant XTC 29er Composite 1 (M) MSRP $2500 Now $2350
'11 Giant Anthem X29 1 (M) MSRP $3725 Now $3450
'11 Giant Anthem X29 2 (L) MSRP $2950 Now $2750
'11 Giant Anthem X29 2 (L) MSRP $2950 Now $2750
'11 Giant Anthem X29 3 (M) MSRP $2400 Now $2150
"11 Giant Anthem X29 3 (M) MSRP $2400 Now $2150
'11 Giant Anthem X 2 (L) MSRP $2050 Now $1599
'11 Giant Trance X4 (L) MSRP $1500 Now $1299
'11 Giant XTC 2 (L) MSRP $1350 Now $1099
'10 Giant XTC 1 (L) MSRP $2125 Now $1599

What's good this week!

Stromer Electric Assist bikes now in stock at 27th and Vine location

With a 500 watt motor this new electric bike flys! Option of electric assist at 3 different level, or power on demand (throttle like a scotter). Even if you have no interest in an electric bike, you should stop in and just try one out. Huge grin factor

2012 Trek Gary Fisher Marlin ($600 29er) *Silver version available

2012 Giant Talon

For the future Cyclocross racer or Gravel Grinder! Kid's CX Bike

REMINDER: We are adding more bikes to our CLOSEOUT pile. Bikes are selling below cost in most situations! Stop in at 27th and Vine to see what's left!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wilderness Park: Trail Update

We got out for some trail clean up today. Bad news is that there is a lot of work needed out there still, and some spots are still kinda damp. Good news is we got some of the gnarly spot on South end, with hopefully some more work tomorrow... and best part, the city is out there as we speak mowing everything. They plan to be finished by Monday. Park should be in pretty good shape by early next week!

*Remember, ride with caution out there. There have been a lot of complaints that bikers are riding when it is too wet and leaving tracks. If its wet don't ride, if your tires are picking up too much mud dont ride, you don't want to be "that dude"



Just kinda needed to be worked on?

City gettin it done

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Daddy Sale

Sale runs Thursday June 16th until Sunday June 19th at both locations!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dirty Kanza Update for our Rasta's: Check Point 2

James Blake  12:45
Matt Gersib and Rafal Doloto (Omaha)  1:00
Aaron Gammel, Corey Godfrey and Troy Krause (Monkey Wrench) 2:23
Malcom Tassi (Monkey Wrench) Checked in/Time unknown
Matt Wills Checked in?Time unknown
Rick Dockhorn Checked in/Time unknown

Thanks Rafal for Picture

BRAN 31 gets ready, Brady, Nebr

Dirty Kanza Update for our Rasta's: Check Point 1

James Blake arrived at 9:15
Corey Godfrey and Rafal Doloto (Trek Omaha) arrived at 9:20 (Corey w/ a flat right away)
Matt Gersib and Troy Krause (Monkey Wrench) arrived at 9:33
Malcom T (Monkey Wrench) arrived at 10:00
Matt Wills arrived at 10:23
Rick Dockhorn arrived at 11:12