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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Gold Guy has arrived! Come check it out.

The Leadville 100 display is still up

Now super sized! Thanks Corey!

Deller Hats!

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Training for a Century

Training for a Century.

I've been asked this before and have told people that they can do it if they train. It's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Don't be mistaken either that this is THE BEST time of year to ride. I little bit of preparation with layers and gloves and hats, and some additional lighting and you'll have the trails and fall wonder to look forwards to.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rasta Spotted

Our buddy Gersib doing his thing. Heal up soon!

Good Job this weekend Corey

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's good this week at the SHOP!

26er's locked, loaded and marked down!

Bar mitts in stock

Road bikes double marked down (up to 20% off)

Even more shoes on sale (15-50% off... even some $10)

Leadville 100 Display all this week. Come see the famous Leadville buckle. 
Hopefully the GOLD buckle will show up (I promise I wont wear it)

Rechargeable lights that won't freeze this fall all stocked up

Sondy is trying to bring back the "Retro Trail Light"

You don't have to be a runner to have fun!

"don't you love me?"

Do you like to run? Do you like animals? Do you like prizes? Do you like free cookies and coffee? Do you like to walk in the cold? If you answered yes to any of these get signed up for the Holiday Run (5K) hosted by The Lincoln Running Company. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE CAPITAL HUMAN SOCIETY!!! It's a little over a month away!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Paul kicks a**

Still Made in USA

Paul Components always have been and always will be made in the USA. Here's a brief description in Paul's own words of what we do here:
From hardcore cyclocross brakes to softcore racks for commuters, Paul Component Engineering continues to innovate. Our goal is to design and produce smart bicycle products that fill a distinct need.
I ride almost daily in any weather and on any and all types of surfaces, choosing from a fleet of bikes of all genres. Yes, I really do ride. It's the only way to find out if our products really deliver, and it's where I get the inspiration for new parts.
Here at our plant in Chico, California we're committed to precision manufacturing. Using state of the art machine tools and quality control processes, our team of manufacturing engineers and technicians strives to simply make our customers' rides better. It's a lot of work but we think it's worth it. Our customers seem to also!

Start planning for next years CROSS season!

Finish strong this year on your current cross bike, and come see us this winter to see about the Independent Fabrication custom carbon. It is in a prototype phase, but these guys are awesome so I would expect this an option soon.

More Information at and

Or you can always do the originals (as seen with Team Rapha) Steel Planet Cross, Ti Planet Cross or even Stainless Steel Planet Cross. Amazing bikes, we have a handful of employees and team riders on different frame models so let us know if you are interested and we can forward you on to who owns what and get their story.

Team Rapha Steel Planet Cross

Painted Ti Planet Cross (kind of like putting carpet over hard wood floors)

Stainless Steel Planet Cross

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Eastern Nebraska took a big step into certified bicycle training this last week. Let me know if your business or workplace is interested in having a bicycle commuter or educational experience.

Get Out and Have some FUN!!

People for Bikes

Are you for bikes? Sign the pledge like many of us have, and share your voice in proclaiming that you endorse the People for Bikes movement.

Whether you’re a bike commuter, a roadie, a mountain biker or just a casual rider, by uniting your voice with a million others, we can build a national movement to improve bicycling in our country. We can make a statement through our sheer numbers by raising public awareness and demonstrating our passion to our leaders in Congress and in cities and states throughout the country. READ MORE

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another reason to switch to Chris King...

They are super easy to service. This is a very sloppy first attempt and still able to service in under 2 minutes.

GPTN Join Today!

New trails are always fun. Great Plains Trail Network (GPTN) works hard to get new trails placed and lobbies issues to keep trails in place.

Chris King BB's are wicked!

Chris King BB's are amazing. Just installed one last night on my MTB and can feel a noticeable difference in stiffness. Plus they sure are BLING! Stop by Cycle Works and talk to one of the friendly staff to see how you can pick one up!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

you dont have to be a racer to appreciate sweetness

To keep it simple. Strong enought to train with, Light enough to race with. Even if you don't have any interest, you should come check them out before someone snags them.

101 (left) average aero wheel (right)

Now for the geeky part...

Aero wheels are faster for every rider at every speed. Zipp’s two decades of research, testing and results have proven that point. We’ve also shown that fine-tuning rim shape can significantly improve aerodynamics without sacrificing weight, acceleration or handling.

Now, we’ve transferred that knowledge into the world’s most aerodynamically advanced aluminum wheelset, the all-new Zipp 101. It’s the most affordable way to take advantage of Zipp's cutting-edge aero technologies and premium build quality.

The 101’s centerpiece is the first fully toroidal aluminum rim, developed in the wind tunnel with a proprietary profile curve extending across the braking surfaces. With this patented design, the 30mm-deep 101 can exceed the aerodynamic performance of V-shaped rims with much deeper aero profiles. And no shallow-profile design comes close to the 101 in the wind tunnel or on the road, where the 101 can save up to 42 seconds over 40km compared to the industry's benchmark aluminum wheelset.
Creating the 101 required developing new technologies to conduct wind tunnel testing using structural prototypes with fully inflated clincher tires. This makes the resulting test data more accurate and realistic than ever before. After our engineers honed in on the fastest shape, the manufacturing process required its own set of innovations for rolling, welding, and machining the 101’s precisely curved toroidal profile.
With a maximum width of 23.75mm to complement most common tire sizes, the bulged profile of the 101 smoothes airflow around the wheel more effectively than typical, narrow rim designs. The 101’s wide platform also resists pinch flatting, improves lateral stiffness, and provides stable handling without tire “squirm” on rough surfaces.
Because the rim is narrower at the hook bead than in the middle, the 101 can be used safely with tires as narrow as 21mm, unlike other wide-profile clincher rims. The maximum recommended tire width for the 101 is 35mm.
The 101 is built by hand in Speedway, Indiana, with the same components as our top-of-the-line carbon wheelsets and by the same individually trained builders. The 101 is laced with 18 front and 20 rear Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Zipp’s 88 and 188 hubs with Swiss steel bearings. The hubs are manufactured in Indiana using the proprietary Z310.9 alloy, and feature oversize 17mm axles and adjustable bearing preload.
The 101 weighs 1523 grams per wheelset. It is available in 700c clincher only.

For information at Zipp website <link>

Whichever Trail you Take...Have fun.

Friday, October 8, 2010


"Scream With Me" // PeaPod Pilot from Nate Byerley on Vimeo.

over 100,000... are you part of that?

email from

Dear Cycle Works,
Yesterday surpassed 100,000 pledges in support of better bicycling in the U.S. Thanks everyone for quickly recognizing the value of the movement, signing the pledge, and spreading the word! We are well on our way to showing our elected leaders and the public that people across the entire country believe that bicycling is important and should be promoted.
Only a month ago, we were at 60,000 pledges. We've nearly doubled in the last 30 days --that's major momentum! Did you know that in the past six months since PFB first launched...
  • Lance Armstrong, mountain bike legend Gary Fisher, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and basketball-great Bill Walton have signed the pledge;
  • PFB has traveled with New Belgium Brewing Company's nationwide bike-festival, Tour de Fat, and participated in other bike events in Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Denver and other cities to collected pledges;
  • More than 1,000 Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, and Performance Bike shops coast to coast have gathered hand-written pledges at their sales counters;
Follow the PFB blogTwitter feed, or Facebook page to get these updates as they happen.
Help us get to 200,000
Do you have any friends/family/coworkers/landlords/long-lost college roommates/pizza delivery guys/pets (ok, maybe not pets) who like to ride bikes, but haven't signed the pledge yet? 
Tell them todayIf each of us got one person to sign the pledge this weekend, we'd double the size of our movement. Whether they cruise around the block once a year, or commute by bike to work every day, PFB wants to unite their voice with a million others to make bicycling in America safer, more convenient, and fun for everyone.
Track our progress
You can follow our continued progress toward one million names on the 
PFB homepage with the interactive pledge tracker -- even see how your state is doing compared to other states. Riders from Georgia were psyched to be able to track how their state stacked up in the pledge count. They've been on a mission to get as many Georgia pledge-signers as possible, and moved up from rank #47 to #9 in ten days! Think your state can do better? Rally local riders you know to join in this friendly competition by signing the pledge. In the end, we'll all benefit with a bike-friendly America.
Thank you again for helping us reach 100,000 pledges -- a big milestone on our way to one million.
-- Tim
Tim Blumenthal,

Tandem Madness

BIKE LIGHT PROS--The Blayleys have tons of info on rando rides and lights!

Cure for gravel addiction...

You have until November 1st to decide if you are crazy enough to join Team Rasta (Butch, Corey, Matt and maybe others) at Trans Iowa this year. Sometime after that date registration will open up for all of us that haven't toed the line and/or finished.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pugsley Movie

Shot with GoPro camera... Next time you are at the shop, 
ask Yanni when we is getting his so we can all be stars!

Butch's Thursday Bike

"Look ma I match!"

Another new addition for 2011

2011 Giant Anthem XO

A lot more people are biking to work

The number of people getting around by bicycle is growing steadily. According to American Community Survey, conducted annually by the Census Bureau, the number of bike commuters grew 0.3 percent between 2005 and 2009.
You’re right. That’s almost nothing. But bear in mind that’s the median for the entire country, which includes a whole lot of rural and exurban areas where bike commuting isn’t viable. Bike commuting is still an infinitesimally small percentage of all commutes, accounting for just 0.55 percent of commutes last year, according to the League of American Bicyclists.
But if you look only at urban areas — where bike commuting makes far more sense — the gains are huge. Given the Obama Administration’s emphasis on bike-friendlier transportation policies, the growth almost certainly will continue.
The League of American Bicycle... (cont)
Read More