Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharrows! Get out and Ride!!!

Commuting Themed Day

Don't forget about our commuter clinic tonight at our Vine location. 6pm informational meeting, followed by time to get all your questions answered.

Is Bicycle Commuting Right for You?

Wednesday September 29, 2010

I've always been too chicken to try bicycle commuting. Without a continuous bike path from my home to downtown, I shudder at the idea of jockeying with cars at the beginning of each work day. Moreover, the weather in my hometown is unpredictable, to say the least, so you are likely to bike to work in sunny bliss, only to return home in a downpour.

But I have friends and colleagues who swear by bicycle commuting. They consider it the ultimate in working parent multitasking -- fitting in time to exercise while also traveling to work. One dad who uses our daycare center even drops off his child via bike before hitting the trail to the office. As someone who's been known to walk while reading a book, I have to admire that kind of efficiency.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

mmm... Ti Fork

Interbike 2010: Fox Racing Shox's RAD Float Ti fork

James Huang, technical editor
Fox Racing Shox displayed its new Float Ti prototype fork - built using a cast one-piece titanium crown and steerer.
Just when you thought there was nothing new in the world of bicycle suspension, Fox Racing Shox pulls a neat trick out of its hat at this year's Interbike show.
Mounted on the front of Rabobank-Giant team rider Adam Craig's Giant Anthem X was a prototype Float Ti fork, built with an experimental one-piece titanium tapered steerer and crown that race mechanic Mike Van Lienden says is not only more rigid than an equivalent aluminum piece but also lighter - despite titanium's higher density - owing to the thinner tube walls and more efficient one-piece construction.
Interestingly, Fox built the RAD (Racing Applications Development) crown with cast construction rather than forged as the hollow interior could be built right into the mould rather than have to be machined later.
And why not just go with carbon? According to van Lienden, the company simply has more experience with titanium than composites and also wasn't entirely confident in the long-term reliability of bonded joints.
For now, it's a race-only item as the company completes testing but consumers can probably expect to see it around spring 2011.
Another big surprise from the suspension company giant is the DOSS (Drop on Steep Stuff) dropper seatpost, which is a definite lock for release next spring.
Details are slim for now but we do know for sure that it's a two-position system with a 40mm intermediate setting and 100mm or 125mm total travel options, both using some sort of mechanical detent system and an air-charged return spring.
For the moment, Fox is evaluating the post with a Shimano remote lever normally paired to the company's fork or shock systems - press the lever about halfway to hit the very positive intermediate position or press it further to drop it down all the way.
Weight is said to be "competitive" with a one-piece aluminum head and upper shaft plus a one-piece aluminum lower shaft, all sealed up in between with a spring-loaded wiper seal. Fox was mum on the exact mechanism used to key the pieces together but play was admirably minimal on the demo unit.
Once the DOSS becomes available next spring, consumers will be able to choose from 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameters to fit the most common seat tube sizes.


Nebraska Game and Parks

Check out the Nebraska Game and Park site! Tons of info on Nebraska's Great Trails!
Just some of the updates seen at Interbike this year that could pop up at the shop eventually...

XTR prototype

Newer and stronger Crank Brothers eggbeaters

Surly Trailer

Find more favorites at Dirt Rag

Good Buddies

Don't forget that fall and winter weather is for riding with good buddies. Call up a friend today and get them out on a bike ride with you. Suggested pre and post ride activities:

Espressos at a Coffee Shop--they are yummy
Soup at Gratefulbread
A slice and a beverage at Yia Yias

As you can see, some bike rides with your friends are just about rolling around town and having fun with friends.

Get Rad.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bennet woman races bikes nationally, internationally

By PETER SALTER / Lincoln Journal Star | Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010 12:50 am

Updated Time and Date for Commuter Clinic this Thursday

With a Little Preparation, Biking in Winter Can Be a Positive Experience

Recent post from Star City Blog- By Hilary Stohs-Krause

... While any bike will suffice for Lincoln’s winters, there are several ways riders can prepare their gear – and themselves. Experts from several Lincoln bike shops shared their tips for safely commuting in winter, from which tires get the best grip to keeping warm on the way... (follow link for full story)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last Chance to Fix the Bridge

Terry Genrich from the Lincoln Parks and Rec needs your help to get
funding to repair the Bison Trail bridge just south of Van Dorn. Terry
is working on a grant that is due at the end of the month, and letters
from the citizens of Lincoln could be the driving factor of getting this
grant passed. All you need to do is write a short letter to Terry
saying Why you think the bridge needs to be repaired/replaced, and how
you use this bridge. Letters need to be received no later than September
27th to addresses below. Thanks for your support!

By Mail:

Lincoln Parks and Rec

Attn: Terry Genrich

2740 A Street

Lincoln, NE 68502

By Email:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sondy is back from Vegas...

Come see what stories didn't stay in Vegas!

Giant Booth

Giant's Pro Pit @ VegasCross

VegasCross Crowd


Benefit to the Bridges

Mark your calendars for 10/10/10! A "Benefit to the Bridges" concert is going to be held at the Day Camp Area in the Fitness Loop on October 10th @ 3pm.

A ride to the "
Benefit to the Bridges" will be leaving from Meadowlark Coffee also on October 10th @ 2:30. Get there early for your afternoon coffee fix and then we'll all ride down and noodle dance to Blues Messenger and Friends.

Family fun for free! Donations Welcomed!
All the donations will go towards fixing the bridges in Wilderness Park. All are welcome. Come show your support for Wilderness Park!