Saturday, February 26, 2011

Message from Mr.Jim Craig

Starting next week at the South Cycle Works / Moose’s Tooth store on 70th & Pioneers Blvd. I will be doing race registrations, packet pickups and other race information for any Cycle Works or Angry Cow Adventures events.
There may be clues, checkpoint coordinates other crazy info in the store for upcoming races.
Fear not for those that don’t live in or around Lincoln because I will still be doing things with the web site or even in the host city before the race.
There will also be the proper gear laid out for all to see before each event so the participants can see the required gear for that event.
I feel this will be a great convienence to everyone to make their event an even better experience.
I will also be hanging out a lot to help get you on the right bike, have the right gear and make your race experience more enjoyable.
Or a least tolerable. Just kidding!
Stop in next week to register for the Panama Enduro and the Wilderness Park trail run.
Or just stop in and check things out since the big rearrangement and say hi.
There will be an organized workout every Wednesday night leaving the South Cycle Works / Moose’s Tooth store starting March 9.
The workouts may change from week to week or be a combination of things from urban & gravel riding, to kayaking, running and some orienteering.
This will be a great way to get people out and learn from each other.
Have a great weekend!

Jim Craig

Road Bike Closeout Special

We have a good amount of 2010 road bikes left over from last season. We are offering super low closeout prices and as of today we will throw in a FREE pair of Shimano R087's Shoes and Shimano R540's pedals when you buy any of our closeout Madone's or Cervelo's. Below are the models and sizes that we have left. All bikes are at our 27th and Vine location. Call with any additional questions.

*Free Shoes and Pedals with purchase

Brand Model Size Color MSRP Closeout Price Year
Trek Madone 4.5 58 Black/Red $2,100 $1,925 2010
Trek P1 Madone 5.2 58 Black/Blue $3,800 $3,255 2009
Trek Madone 4.5 58 Blue/White $2,100 $1,925 2009
Trek P1 Madone 5.2 54 Green $3,800 $2,999 2010
Trek P1 Madone 5.2 56 Black $3,800 $3,256 2009
Trek P1 Madone 5.2 Rival 56 Matte White $3,800 $2,700 2010
Trek Demo P1 Madone 5.2 Force 54 Green $3,800 $2,999 2010
Trek P1 Madone 5.2 58 Red $3,800 $2,999 2010
Cervelo RS 58 Black $3,600 $2,880 2010
Cervelo RS 56 Black $3,600 $2,880 2010
Cervelo RS 56 Black $3,600 $2,880 2010
Cervelo R3 56 Black $4,000 $3,200 2010
Cervelo R3 56 Black $4,000 $3,200 2010
Cervelo R3 58 Black $4,000 $3,200 2010
Cervelo S1 56 Red/White $2,700 $2,150 2010
Cervelo S1 56 Black/Red $2,700 $2,150 2010
Cervelo S1 54 Black/Red $2,700 $2,150 2010
Cervelo P2 56 Red/White $2,800 $2,250 2010
Cervelo P3 56 Black $3,600 $2,880 2010

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NAHBS Sneak Peak

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend in Austin, Texas. Custom builders from all over come to display their work. Below is a sneak peak at what Independent Fabrication will be displaying at the show. 

"Rapha Edition XS"

"Factory Lightweight Mountain Bike Prototype"

"Ti Factory Lightweight"

"Cross Jester"

"Crown Jewel"

"Caffeine Racer"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's good this week

2011 Masi Randonneur

2011 Masi Randonneur

All stocked up on nutrition! Bike and Running friendly
New Hammer product
2011 Intense BMX

2011 Intense BMX

Shop favorite Gravel, Commuting or touring tire

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures from Frostbike 2011

Quality Bike

Quality packaging room

Quality bike parts

Surly Karate Monkey w/Pugsley front wheel

Surly Troll w/ Surly Trailer

All City lineup

New NiteRider lights

Super sweet rack!

New Brooks colors


New design for Yakima trunk rack

Carbon CHUB Hub

Wall of Chris King

Frostbike Fun

My favorite gadget at Frostbike today. -Nathan

Surly's "Log Rollers"

offroad rollers in action

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's good this week

First day of 2011 with the garage door open. I spy Damon do you?

Our Buddy Michael learning the value of "frame saving" your bike

2011 Trek 8000

2011 Trek 8000

2011 Trek Belleville

2011 Trek Belleville

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you ride on Hwy 77?

Forwarding on an email I received today about the road work that is planned for Hwy 77 in the future...
Fellow Cyclists!
At a recent meeting I was approached by a cyclist who was frustrated with the chip seal treatment of the paved shoulder on Hwy 77 from the Hwy 33 overpass south to Cortland. He recommended that concerned cyclists write to David Schoenmaker the recently appointed State Bicycle Coordinator.
I am forwarding a letter I sent and am asking that you consider sending a letter of similar intent to David to make our feelings known.
I would expect that the State will continue to use chip seal on roadways and shoulders unless they hear many complaints since it is a relatively inexpensive method to to extend the life of the roadway before more expensive repairs. My personal opinion is that it is not effective on shoulders and adds an element of danger to the cyclist.
Please take a few minutes to write and also to forward this request to other cyclists you know.
We need to let the NDOR know we are out there.
Ride on,
Ken Vice

Mopac is still a little too icy and rutted

...but the gravel roads are perfect.