Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Indoor Spin Classes Starting Soon!


Spin Classes coming to Cycle Works 

That’s right Cycle Works will be offering spin classes this fall and winter. These classes are for cycling enthusiasts of all levels and are being taught by cyclists. The classes are open to anyone as long as you have a bicycle and are ready for great work out.

There will be 2 six-week sessions, with the first session beginning November 13. Each session will be six weeks long and meet twice a week. The classes, held in the store at 720 North 27th. For your convenience you can store your bike at the shop during the sessions.

What kind of equipment will I be using? – We are using Cyclops Fluid trainers; to us they give the most realistic resistance. You will also use step blocks to level out the ride or to elevate the front wheel during climbing sessions.

What do I need - A bicycle of course, any type will do, if you choose use a mountain bike, please consider using a smooth tire for the rear, knobby tires are really noisy!

Although knowing your cadence is useful it is not required. The same goes for a heart rate monitor, helpful but not required. These tools can be used as an indicator of performance and fitness. The instructors will be using both of these tools during class.

We recommend wearing bike shorts and shirts made of a wicking material. You will work up a sweat during these classes so a towel would be useful to dry yourself and your bike.

We will have the trainers positioned on mats and plenty of fans and water to keep you cool.

Sessions – 
(1) November 13 – December 22
(2) January 8 – February 13
Classes held on Tuesday and Saturday

The classes, held in the store at 720 North 27th, will begin at 7pm for Tuesday classes and Saturday classes begin at 8am and last one hour.

What is different about these spin classes? – The most noticeable difference is we will not be using spin bikes; you will be riding your own bike that is mounted on a Cyclops fluid trainer, that we provide. This is a secure, damage free method of mounting a bike. Our focus is improving your cycling ability; we will cover all aspects of cycling, base, climbing, steady state, and sprints. Cyclists with trainer experience will teach our classes.

Our class size is small, limited to six riders, so get your spot reserved soon.

What’s this going cost me? – Each session will cost $60.

Contact Rick Dockhorn at with questions or to sign up

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Folder Upper Bikes

Giant Expressway Folding Bikes
Giant Expressway Folding Bikes
Giant Expressway Folding Bikes
Giant Expressway Folding Bikes
These high demand bikes have been hard to get our hands on lately, but now back in stock.  Pretty popular for commuting, traveling or truck drivers! Come check them out.

Surly Cross Check

Surly Cross Check Hospital Foam Green
Surly Cross Check Hospital Foam Green

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's becoming LIGHT season

Bicycle Times did a review and some of our shop standards were the ones tested. Check out the article for the below lights that we carry HERE.
NiteRider 600
NiteRider 600
PDW Cosmic Dreadnought 110
PDW Cosmic Dreadnought 110
Light and Motion Solite 150
Light and Motion Solite 150

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rizzle in the drizzle

Might of been a light drizzle today, but that didn't effect the trails. Nice and tacky!
Branched Oak in great shape. Take advantage of the long fall while you can!

Benefit for our Buddy Colin!


Hey! Moose's Tooth and Cycle Works are putting on their 2nd Outdoor Clothing Fashion Show this Friday at 9:30pm! We will be showcasing all of our new fall clothing! We will be having drag performers, raffles and this show is particularly special because it's a Benefit for Colin Egger.

Colin is a Cycle Works employee and also a great friend of the outdoor and bicycling community. He was involved in a severe bicycle accident during the summer, caused by an act of vandalism on the Rock Island bike path. Colin had to have knee surgery and has been out of work, cycling and normal life for the past 3-4 months. Colin has just started to acclimate back to his normal routine but is still in physical therapy. Come out to support Colin!

Featuring performances by:
C Styles
Miss Q Kharizma Valentine
CeCe Rayee McQueen
Audrey Hempburn

The fashion show is sponsored by Rumple Minz, Smirnoff, and Bailey's so there will be some amazing deals on all of those drinks as well as Beer Bust ($2 for your first cup and $.50 refills until midnight).

oh, and, Moose's Tooth/Cycle Works will be raffling off a FREE BIKE!

A little something for everyone! Don't miss out! See you all there!!!

<Click here for link to the event>




Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Papa Smurf Blue

Surly Rolling Daryl Blue Rims
Want to drop some weight on your fat bike and add some color while at it? 
These babies are open game!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's good this week!

Jamis Nova Sport Cyclocross
Jamis Nova Sport Cyclocross
Jamis Nova Sport Cyclocross
Jamis Beatnik
Mavic winter shoes
All our winter gear is unpacked and ready to keep you riding all winter long!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We are drinking the 650b Kool-Aid!

Jamis Genesis 650
Jamis Genesis 650
White Brother Loop Fork
Jamis Nemesis 650
Jamis Nemesis 650