Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indoor Training

We like to be the first ones to help you stay riding outside all year round no matter what the conditions. We also understand that not everyone likes to bike in the rain, snow or whatever the Midwest weather can throw at you. Others might not like the idea of paying the 6th grader down the block $10 an hour to watch their kids so they can ride their bike. So no matter what the reason you can't bike outside, indoor training is better then not riding at all.

Next step now is to decide what kind of training device you want to invest in. The most common and easiest to use is the rear wheel trainer. These turn your current bike into a stationary bike like ones you can find at the gym, but better because its your bike. Attach your bike, turn on the TV and go crazy. The other option that are less popular are rollers. This is because they require some skill to use and also require that you pay attention since you aren't attached to the trainer and are actually just balancing on the rollers. Adaptors are available to make rollers semi stationary.

So which one do you choose? Maybe you want both?
Trainers are better for building strength and endurance
Rollers are better for improving balance, pedal stroke and efficiency

Come try out either type at the shop to have any other questions answered, or check out the Cycle Ops site for more detailed information.

Rear Wheel Trainer Option

Roller Option (top) and with fork adapter (bottom)

Click on image to see different rear wheel options

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