Monday, March 28, 2011

What's good this week

2011 Trek EX. In 2010 the EX was rated one of the best bikes

New Garmin 800 touch screen

Sub 24 hours bike camping set up. Check out UNL and SCC for upcoming classes

Get the little ones rolling early!

New sweet gear for the ladies!

No batteries required! Supernova and Alfine dyno set up!


MG said...

might be in to check out that supernova...

Brent "Butch" Johnson said...

I have one of the supernovas and it has been an awesome light. I've been checking into the electronic accessories too that you can hook up when not running a light. If you have a smart phone and want to charge it while you ride, then there is some cool stuff out there.
The E3 and alfine is a Great set-up for long distance gravel rides! Can you still get the Son hubs from genrmany?

Nice job on the displays!