Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Living the Dream

I've been living the dream here at Cycle Works and the Moose's Tooth for nearly 10 years and today is the last day here at work before moving onto a new set of dreams. Our family is moving up North to Minneapolis to play in the snow, ride our bikes, paddle the lakes, and of course work a little bit.

To summarize my experience:

It's been fun. I've met a ton of great people and have got to outfit a bunch of people with the gear and bicycles that they needed for their next adventure. The Cycle Work's and Moose's Tooth staff gets to help a lot of people find fun and seek adventure in their daily lives. The opportunity to help others to start off on their dream adventure has been the best part of living this dream.

I hope that Lincoln continues to grow as a bicycle friendly community. There are a bunch of people working to make Lincoln an even better place to commute to work, play in the woods, and just enjoy life to it's fullest. There are so many great rides and great trails and the systems and facilities that has been created is truly magical and for the most part it has been installed by a community of people with health and recreation and something to pass on to the next generation in mind. I am very proud to have been part of such a great community of people.

Keep on riding. Keep on having fun. Wheelies when you can and always smile.

Cheers and many Thanks,



MG said...

Thanks for all you've done to help Lincoln grow and develop as a bicycle friendly community, Butch. We're going to miss you here, but are stoked for you and Katie as you move onto your next adventure in MPLS. It's going to be an awesome ride! Best of luck, and I'm looking forward to our epic rides up north!

Cheers brother,

swanson said...

You will be missed buddy, both at the shop and outside of the shop. You have been a good teacher and friend to a lot of us. TEAM RASTA MPLS edition!

Anonymous said...

You guys are all rad!