Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interbike Dirt Demo

2012 Giant Anthem X29
Giant Anthem X29: Weekend favorite. Super fast on climbs, tight on the turns and bombs downhill! Great Nebraska bike that can handle any trip you take.

2012 Giant Trance

2012 Trek Remedy 9.8
The Remedy was crazy fun. You can bomb any down hill section with confidence, works the the turns great, and for a 6 inch travel bike climbs really well (noticeable difference when comparing to Trance)

2012 Trek EX 9.8
If you have ever wanted a 5 inch travel bike that won't slow you down this is it!  You will find yourself accelerating in places you haven't before. Like the Remedy, you will have confidence in any area of the trail but climbs even faster than Remedy.

2012 Giant XTC Comp 29er
For those of us that still like riding a hardtail this is a sweet option. First off the bike is super light and with its stiff frame it is super reactive on climbs. Super tight in the turns and also handled really well on downhills (even in rough areas).

2012 Trek Madone 6.7
Sweet ride, stiff, compliant. Not a thing wrong with it but didn't compare to Defy Advanced

2012 Giant Defy Advanced
"A little slice of heaven" -Rick

2012 Surly Moonlander
Super fun and huge possibilities as a winter bike (or dirt!)

New XT (triple)

Newest XTR w/ extra tensioner built in to remove chain slap! Soon to be seen on our bikes

Didn't get a chance to try the new XTR brakes and shifters, but the new XT felt awesome. The new levers are a perfect trigger for your index finger and the new calipers/rotors have a great grip with the new cooling technology.

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MG said...

That new Anthem X-29 0 looks awesome. It's definitely the bike I'll be racing next year! Thanks for the great pics guys! Have fun!!