Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Dirt Group Ride

Our first "No Drop DIRT Group Ride" went very well! We had an awesome group, and it's going to be a good way to break up the week with the Wednesday ride. We did learn that 5pm is pushing it for most people so next week the "Dirt Ride" will most likely start at 6pm from Cycle Works and have another meet up if we go south. After tomorrow's "No Drop ROAD Ride"  we will determine the start time for the rides. Hope to see more people out there next week! Oh, and one last thing. Did you know that you can use a Clif Bar wrapper as a tire boot? We learned tonight it'll help you finish your ride.

2nd meet up before hitting the trails




Check out that dust

The first official Cycle Works group ride (minus 2 that had to bail early and camera duder)



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DW said...

Thanks for putting it together guys!