Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Trainer Sale

We stock a few different types of trainers for your indoor riding pleasure. Indoor training is a great supplement to your other outdoor activities during the winter months. Here is a breakdown of the types of Trainers along with a pricing schedule:

* Magnetic — a magnetic flywheel creates resistance on the rear wheel. Pros: Nearly silent operation. Cons: Resistance has an upper limit.
* Fluid — combines magnetic flywheel with fluid resistance chambers. Pros: Nearly silent magnetic operation with added progressive resistance. Cons: Repeated friction heating

* Centrifugal — Specially designed centrifugal pressure plates provide resistance. Pros: Nearly Silent, resistance curves may be adjusted by the user.[1]
* Utilitarian — The output power is used to drive a useful device such as generator; or even to spin laundry as one inventor has done.[2]. Pros: pedal powered clean clothes. Cons: Considerable do-it-yourself engineering required; imperfect design requires a strong cyclist.

* Virtual Reality — this is a very comprehensive simulator, the rear wheel sits on a motorized roller and the front forks fit in a frame equipped with steering sensors, the whole system is linked to a computer with 'virtual world' software. Riders steer their way through this virtual world and pedaling gets harder (the motorized roller 'loads' the rear wheel) when going uphill. Pros: the virtual world is massive, it will hold your interest and you can fit your own bike into it. Cons: It is expensive and you do need a computer with a modern graphics card and a monitor.

Source: Wikipedia

We carry a variety, but do not include the Virtual or Utilitarian models.

We stock:
The Giant Auto II Trainer: $199.99 on Sale $169.99

Giant's Cyclotron Mag Trainer is a versatile tool that lets you ride whenever you want, regardless of weather, daylight or schedule issues. It features a heavy-duty steel frame for a stable base when you're cranking and a quiet magnetic unit that provides 7 levels of resistance for a real-world feel. Plus, this trainer includes an easy-to-use quick-release lever.

Giant's Auto II Trainer:

$279.99 Sale $259.99
Giant's Cyclotron Auto II Trainer provides progressive, magnetic resistance from easy spins to burning climbs smoothly and automatically with no need for remote adjusters. The frame is foldable for easy storage and lightweight so you can take it with on the road and to races. The steel platform is super stable for those out-of-the-saddle sessions and comes with its own quick-release so set up is easy.

Trek's Fluid Squared Trainer: offers an ultra-quiet and super-smooth ride so it's perfect for all your indoor training sessions. There's a large flywheel built in for a true road-like ride, and CycleOps' exclusive Power Band Technology offers an extra-wide range of resistance without you having to make any adjustments. Plus, this great trainer folds quickly for storage and comes with the Carmichael Training Systems' Train Right DVD to ensure your training program gets results. $329

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