Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bicycling Magazine's- Winter Layering Done Right

This came straight out of the December issue of Bicycling Magazine. Very helpful guild when going out for those weekend rides!

65º-70º Start with Base layer, short-sleeved jersey, shorts, short finger gloves and socks

60º-65º Add arm warmers and full finger gloves

55º-60º Swap in knickers or knee warmers and thicker socks

50º-55º Swap in leg warmers, add a vest

45º-50º Swap in thicker gloves, a long sleeve jersey, add toe covers, and a sock layer, ear covers

40º-45º Swap in tights, long sleeve base layer, and a thin hat

35º-40º Swap in shoe covers or winter shoes, and thick hat or balaclava

30º-35º Swap in heavier tights and lobster gloves or mittens

25º-30º Add a second long sleeve jersey, and midlayer sock

25º and below Add base layer short and/pr knee warmers under tights

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