Monday, January 9, 2012

Foundry Auger: Test Ride

Foundry Auger Disc


Whiskey Fork
The guys from Foundry stopped by our shop this weekend to show us some of their bikes. Best part they left us an Auger Disc to get dirty. Couple of us already took it out for a spin and were sold. The bike rides super solid and is a true champ on the hills. After some time on gravel and deciding this would be a good choice for our shop we took a trip through the park and realized just how versatile this bike is. Its feels just as fast on single track and handles better than your average cross bike. We have a 56cm and 58cm on order and will most likely be bringing in there Router mountain bike as well when they become available. Stop in this week and see if the demo they left is around and take it for a spin... otherwise we will keep you posted when the others arrive!

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