Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thanks Saddle Drive for the new bikes!

QBP Saddle Drive
We headed to Ogden Utah this week to check out the new bikes that Surly and Salsa Cycles have to offer. You may have noticed the recent post on Facebook that Cycle Works has joined the Salsa dealer network. We are super excited to be able offer Salsa to our customers. Cycle Works is one of the few shops around that are able to offer so many options for your bike adventure along with the camping gear to match.

Salsa Horsethief

Salsa Horsethief
The testing started out with the Salsa Horsethief. This is their 5" MTB option. Very similar to the Giant Trance 29er you have probably already seen in the shop. Handles the rough trail very well.

Salsa Vaya
Second to be tested was the Salsa Vaya. 1 of the 4 bikes we will be stocking in multiple sizes come this fall. This is considered Salsa's "touring bike" that you can load up and go the distance. Best part, when stripped down this would be a great bike for any gravel adventure or distance ride. 

Salsa Beargrease
Who says fat bikes have to be heavier?! This beast is no heavier than your average mountain bike.   

Salsa Warbird
   Before even riding this bike we knew this would be one that we would be stocking. After riding the Salsa Warbird, we knew this was the right choice. Very comfortable "Gravel Race" bike that handles rough terrain very well and climbs like a champ. After riding the gravel roads in the area took it out on the tarmac and felt great there too. This could be the perfect gravel/road bike for the Lincoln area. 

Salsa El Mariachi
   Simple but an amazing ride. Offered in Steel and Titanium (pictured above)

Surly Spearfish
Salsa Spearfish is very similar to our Giant Anthem X29 or Trek Superfly 100. Now offered with the split pivot technology. Very snappy bikes and easy to throw around. 

Surly ECR
    Like the Krampus but want to do more touring? The new ECR is basically the same with some geometry modifications better suited for loading it up. Along with Jones bars its a super comfortable rig as well.

Surly Instigator
Blast from the past. Can't tell by picture, but the tires are ginormous. Basically turns this 26" wheel into a 27.5. Want a bike that you can bomb any trail with, this is your bike.   

Surly Straggler
 Pretty similar fit to the cross check but comes with new 41mm Knards and disc brakes. Want a bike to do it all on this bike is pretty close this bike would rip on gravel, single track, pavement you name it. Oh and it's PURPLE! 

***Because they were impossible to get out on a test ride, the Salsa Mukluk and Fargo arent pictured but are the other two bikes that we will be stocking coming this fall***


Jeff Maxwell said...

In the picture of the Vaya, I noticed that there were 105 components. Has Salsa switched to Shimano from Sram or did you have to build the bike up from a frame for the test?

swanson said...

The bike is spec'd with Shimano this year.