Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get Out and Ride! To work, School, and to everywhere!

Bike Commuting

by Pamela Blalock

"I've been using a bike commuting to and from work since 1986, with the exception of a 2 year period where I worked in downtown Boston and used the train instead. I ride year round, although I do tend to telecommute during really bad snowstorms. Riding my bike to and from work allows me to get a couple of good hours of exercise a day, keeping me in good shape and allowing me to eat everything in sight year round. I typically get about 5,000 miles a year just from commuting. The time spent commuting by bike is often less than half an hour longer than I would spend if using a car, and sometimes, depending on traffic, about the same! I get a lot of thinking and designing done while riding back and forth to work. It is simply amazing how many times I figure out how to solve a bug on the way home. I am also usually able to decompress quite well while riding home, so it is usually a good stress reducer (unless some driver cuts me off close to home). Commuting allows me to test out lights, clothing and equipment I'll be using on brevets. And finally it reduces wear and tear on the car, since I almost never use it."


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