Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Paul kicks a**

Still Made in USA

Paul Components always have been and always will be made in the USA. Here's a brief description in Paul's own words of what we do here:
From hardcore cyclocross brakes to softcore racks for commuters, Paul Component Engineering continues to innovate. Our goal is to design and produce smart bicycle products that fill a distinct need.
I ride almost daily in any weather and on any and all types of surfaces, choosing from a fleet of bikes of all genres. Yes, I really do ride. It's the only way to find out if our products really deliver, and it's where I get the inspiration for new parts.
Here at our plant in Chico, California we're committed to precision manufacturing. Using state of the art machine tools and quality control processes, our team of manufacturing engineers and technicians strives to simply make our customers' rides better. It's a lot of work but we think it's worth it. Our customers seem to also!

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