Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you ride on Hwy 77?

Forwarding on an email I received today about the road work that is planned for Hwy 77 in the future...
Fellow Cyclists!
At a recent meeting I was approached by a cyclist who was frustrated with the chip seal treatment of the paved shoulder on Hwy 77 from the Hwy 33 overpass south to Cortland. He recommended that concerned cyclists write to David Schoenmaker the recently appointed State Bicycle Coordinator. david.schoenmaker@nebraska.gov
I am forwarding a letter I sent and am asking that you consider sending a letter of similar intent to David to make our feelings known.
I would expect that the State will continue to use chip seal on roadways and shoulders unless they hear many complaints since it is a relatively inexpensive method to to extend the life of the roadway before more expensive repairs. My personal opinion is that it is not effective on shoulders and adds an element of danger to the cyclist.
Please take a few minutes to write and also to forward this request to other cyclists you know.
We need to let the NDOR know we are out there.
Ride on,
Ken Vice

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