Saturday, February 26, 2011

Message from Mr.Jim Craig

Starting next week at the South Cycle Works / Moose’s Tooth store on 70th & Pioneers Blvd. I will be doing race registrations, packet pickups and other race information for any Cycle Works or Angry Cow Adventures events.
There may be clues, checkpoint coordinates other crazy info in the store for upcoming races.
Fear not for those that don’t live in or around Lincoln because I will still be doing things with the web site or even in the host city before the race.
There will also be the proper gear laid out for all to see before each event so the participants can see the required gear for that event.
I feel this will be a great convienence to everyone to make their event an even better experience.
I will also be hanging out a lot to help get you on the right bike, have the right gear and make your race experience more enjoyable.
Or a least tolerable. Just kidding!
Stop in next week to register for the Panama Enduro and the Wilderness Park trail run.
Or just stop in and check things out since the big rearrangement and say hi.
There will be an organized workout every Wednesday night leaving the South Cycle Works / Moose’s Tooth store starting March 9.
The workouts may change from week to week or be a combination of things from urban & gravel riding, to kayaking, running and some orienteering.
This will be a great way to get people out and learn from each other.
Have a great weekend!

Jim Craig

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