Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Tomac Reviews for 2011

PHOENIX, ARIZ. - Some trails are rough, but then there's South Mountain Park. Full of gnarly descents, big drops and lots of short technical climbs, it's not a place to take the kids for a ride, but it is a great place to show-off two of the latest additions to the Tomac Bikes lineup for 2011, the carbon Supermatic 120 and the Diplomat 29er.  Journalists from all over the world did just that during a company held press camp from Jan. 13-15th, and Mountain Flyer was on hand to check out the goods.
First up, the full carbon Supermatic 120mm, a bike that has been in development for two years by owner Joel Smith with the help of the legendary John Tomac, is a machine that is meant  for ripping on the descents, but will also get you back to the top in a hurry... (continued)

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MG said...

Great review... Both of those bikes are cool. The Diplomat is a serious contender in the 120mm 29er market. That much I know for certain. It's been too long since I've ridden a 26-inch bike to make a qualified comment on the Supermatic, unfortunately, thought it'd be fun to saddle up on one for a romp through the trees, just to see what those kiddie wheels are all about! HA!!